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The virtuosity of musicians merges into a single language; a unique chemistry that flows from the stage leaving audiences spellbound. An eclectic show with a sophisticated scenic component; where dance, shadows and light accompany a unique musical experience.
FLYING HIGH… AT THE HEART OF IT is a heartfelt and dramatic world music project. Audiences are taken on a trip of the composer’s experiences; accompanying him as he roams and discovers the world. His path crosses various musical currents: from the classical period to modern jazz; passing through African, Celtic, Brazilian and, unmistakably, Portuguese cultures.

FLYING HIGH …AT THE HEART OF IT (Part 1) was performed in Portugal’s most prestigious national concert venues: Lisbon’s CCB; Porto’s Coliseu do Porto and Casa da Música; and Coimbra’s Convento de S. Francisco.

The musicians invited to perform on these occasions included Gary Burton, the most recognised and awarded vibraphone player in the world and holder of seven Grammy Awards; Pedro Abrunhosa; and Maria João Grancha.

The accompanying band for these concerts was composed of essential names on the national music scene:

Mário Barreiros (drums), Carlos Barretto (bass), João Salcedo (piano) and Luís Trigo (harmonica, violin and accordion).

The concerts were well received by enthusiastic audiences – clearly eager to watch what is done best in Portugal in the area of jazz and world music – and enjoyed significant media coverage.

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