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Sandro Norton stands as a beacon of innovative guitar playing and musical exploration, merging the worlds of traditional guitar virtuosity with contemporary sounds and genres. With his roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of jazz, Sandro has carved a niche for himself that transcends mere technical mastery to include a genuine expression of musical emotion and storytelling. His ability to blend complex rhythms with melodic lines has not only garnered him critical acclaim but also a dedicated following of guitar aficionados and music lovers alike.

What sets Sandro apart in the crowded landscape of virtuoso guitarists is his penchant for collaboration. He possesses a unique talent for inviting and working alongside famous artists from diverse musical backgrounds, creating a fusion of sounds that is both fresh and deeply respectful of each genre’s traditions. These collaborations have ranged from jazz legends to contemporary stars, each project underlining Sandro’s versatility and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of guitar music.

His projects are a testament to his innovative spirit. Whether it’s integrating the intricate rhythms of world music with the improvisational freedom of jazz or weaving classical sensibilities into the fabric of modern guitar compositions, Sandro’s work is a celebration of musical diversity. Through these collaborations, he not only showcases his exceptional skills but also highlights the universal language of music, breaking down barriers between genres, cultures, and audiences.


Sandro Norton’s concerts are more than just performances; they are gatherings of musical minds, where the stage becomes a melting pot of ideas, emotions, and sounds. For those fortunate enough to witness his live shows or listen to his recordings, the experience is transformative. Sandro Norton is not just playing notes; he is inviting us all on a journey through the vast landscape of human expression, guided by the strings of his guitar.

The musicians invited to perform on these occasions included Gary Burton, the most recognised and awarded vibraphone player in the world and holder of seven Grammy Awards; Pedro Abrunhosa; and Maria João Grancha.

The accompanying band for these concerts was composed of essential names on the national music scene:

Mário Barreiros (drums), Carlos Barretto (bass), João Salcedo (piano) and Luís Trigo (harmonica, violin and accordion).

The concerts were well received by enthusiastic audiences – clearly eager to watch what is done best in Portugal in the area of jazz and world music – and enjoyed significant media coverage.

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