The Perfect Practice Plan courses are designed to advance your knowledge and skills rapidly over 12 weeks to enable you to make a career from your music. Unlock your musical and creative potential saving years of frustration and money. You receive a crystal clear roadmap which corresponds to your streamed video course modules and one session a week with a world class master. Our mental coach helps you set goals, keep you on track and prepare you physically and mentally for stage performance. Assignments (recordings, research or written work) must be submitted ) and you will receive regular feedback. Clear Roadmaps to Music Mastery …. Smart Coaching …. A Clear Path to Musical Fluency …. Unique Practice Plans …. A High Performance Mental Coach ….. and 500 years of experience between all the Masters having taught in over 100 countries.


Forge your musical destiny with absolute confidence through our definitive online music improvisation course. Unleash your innate creativity and elevate your skills to a level of mastery that is unparalleled. This course stands as the undisputed pinnacle for those ready to confidently embrace the art of spontaneous expression.
Dive into a transformative auditory journey with the most exceptional online ear training course ever, designed to hone your musical perception to unprecedented heights and elevate your listening skills to a realm of unparalleled excellence.

Embark on a musical odyssey with the world’s premier guitar course, boasting unparalleled expertise cultivated over years, and let our mastery guide you to unparalleled heights of playing proficiency.

Experience a transformative journey into the heart of songcraft with our meticulously curated course, Songwriter Toolbox. Elevate your artistry as you explore the perfect blend of inspiration and technique, arming yourself with essential skills to compose captivating melodies and Harmonies that leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Explore the intricacies of the music industry and navigate its dynamic landscape with our comprehensive course. Gain insider insights, master key strategies, and unlock your potential for success in this ever-evolving world of music.

Dive deep into the fundamentals of music with our enriching music theory course, where you’ll unravel the secrets behind harmony, melody, and rhythm, empowering you to compose and appreciate music with newfound understanding.

Guitar Technique Lessons

Want to focus on your guitar skills? We‘ve arranged our extensive resource of technique, theory and guitar concepts lessons into this vast collection so you can find the lessons which you need to boost your guitar prowess. From simple guitar soloing lessons to progressive fusion guitar improvisation videos taught by the world‘s leading guitar technicians. Whether you want to master the art of classical fingerstyle, jazz rhythm or shred like a pro you‘ll find every aspect of playing covered here.

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