Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars

Mayson Guitars

Mayson Harp Guitar 

Yamaha Guitars 12 string 

Electric Guitar

Gibson 175

Gibson 335

Fender Stratocaster

Brian Moore Guitars

Nylon String guitar

Pilar – bespoke and crafted by Oscar Cardoso

Fretless nylon string  guitar – Sandro Norton Model made by Lagrima

JosĂ© Ramirez Guitars – Model Ramirez 3E


D´Addario Strings (acoustic)

Savarez Strings – high tension (nylon)

Thomastik Infeld Strings (electric)


Fishman  ToneDEQ

Fishman Pro-Eq – Platinum


AER  Acoustic Amp (model?)

DV MARK  Acoustic AC101

Gibson  GA 15

MESA/Boogie  Lone Star special

Cornford  MK50


T-Rex  FuelTank 


Strymon  Big Sky Reverb Pedal

Hog2  Electro-Harmonix Modulator

Jam Pedals  Waterfall Chorus (and Vibrato?) Pedal

BOSS RC-20XL Loop Station

BOSS Chromatic Tuner TU- 2, 

Tc electronic Polytuner

Line  6 (DL4?) Delay (Modeller?) Pedal

RAT  Overdrive pedal 

Kendall Guitars Sweet Singer Overdrive pedal

Tc electronic  Nova System

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