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One of the best guitarists of the last decades. [whose] work brings a magical blend of technique and melodic adventures.
– Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

Sandro is not only quite a versatile guitarist, he also is a very prolific composer and I found his music very natural to play. These concerts were some of the easiest and most fun that I can recall.

– World-renowned Jazz performer/composer,
Gary Burton

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Sandro Norton is a world-renowned guitarist, composer, and producer known for his unique blend of virtuosity, innovation, and diverse musical influences. Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Sandro’s passion for music started at an early age, and he quickly developed a reputation as a prodigious talent. His innovative approach to the guitar, combining elements of jazz, rock, classical, and world music, has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated global following.

Sandro’s musical journey has taken him to prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, where he has shared the stage with renowned artists and collaborated with esteemed musicians. His compositions showcase a rich tapestry of sonic textures, intricate melodies, and captivating rhythms that transport listeners to new sonic landscapes.

During his time at university, Sandro Norton studied with the likes of Mike Outram, Shaun Baxter, Ian Scott (Beach Boys), Phillip Mead (George Crumb), Dave Cliff (Lee Konitz), and Eddie Harvey (Ella Fitzgerald). He also studied privately with Charlie Banacos, Eric Roche, Dr. Barry Harris, Jonathan Kreisberg, and Vicki Genfan. Over the course of time, Sandro Norton established himself as a session musician working in TV, orchestra, and theatre music. His work portfolio includes film soundtracks, television theme tunes, and studio work in pop, blues, and jazz. He has also appeared in more than 100 national TV shows and played crowds as large as 50,000 people. He is currently performing his solo album Flying High… At the heart of it and leads his own band featuring Gary Burton on vibraphone.

In addition to leading his own bands, Sandro Norton has shared the stage and studio not only with the heroes and great peers mentioned above but also with the likes of Gary Burton, Barry Harris, Randy Brecker, Ian Anderson, Pip Williams, Bias, Vasilis Xenopoulos, Mario Barreiros, Carlos Barreto, Maria João, and Filipe Raposo and more.

Sandro Norton regularly performs in the top jazz venues and in major festivals across the country and around the world. As an educator, he has established jazz programs in addition to presenting workshops for students of all ages.


– “Sandro Norton’s guitar work is simply mesmerizing. His ability to blend genres and create captivating compositions is a testament to his talent.”
– Fretmonkey Records

– “Sandro Norton is creating beautiful and uncategorizable music on his album “Flying High”. Combining elements of jazz guitar with experimental acoustic guitar techniques, he then proceeds to layer pan-ethnic world music that takes the listener to new and uncharted sonic territories “
– Jonathan Kreisberg

– “I´ve worked with many artists including Paul McCartney, Pat Metheny, James Brown, Ray Charles and Sandro Norton (…) I have known him for many years and we´ve done a lot of great musical things together”
– Richard Niles

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