Sandro Norton Biography

 Sandro Norton is highly regarded

as a musician and educator, recognized for his percussive guitar playing, compositions, and improvisation skills. Grammy winner Gary Burton describes his album, “Flying High… At the Heart of It,” as terrific and professionally crafted. Ian Anderson acknowledges Norton as one of the best guitarists of recent decades, praising his unique blend of technique and melodic exploration. Producer Pip Williams commends Norton’s versatility and positive attitude in the studio.

During his university years, Norton had the opportunity to study with esteemed musicians such as Mike Outram, Shaun Baxter, Ian Scott, Phillip Mead, Dave Cliff, and Eddie Harvey. He also received private instruction from Charlie Banacos, Eric Roche, Dr. Barry Harris, Jonathan Kreisberg, and Vicki Genfan. Norton’s extensive musical training allowed him to establish himself as a session musician, working in various domains such as TV, orchestra, and theater music. His diverse portfolio includes film soundtracks, television theme tunes, and studio work in genres spanning pop, blues, and jazz. He has made appearances on over 100 national TV shows and performed in front of large crowds exceeding 50,000 people. Currently, Norton is performing his solo album, “Flying High… At the Heart of It,” and leads his own band, featuring the renowned vibraphonist Gary Burton.

In addition to leading his own bands, Norton has had the privilege of collaborating with a notable array of musicians, including Gary Burton, Barry Harris, Randy Brecker, Ian Anderson, Pip Williams, Bias, Vasilis Xenopoulos, Mario Barreiros, Carlos Barreto, Maria João, and Filipe Raposo, among others.

Norton frequently graces top jazz venues and major festivals worldwide, captivating audiences with his performances. As an educator, he has established jazz programs and conducts workshops for students of all ages.

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