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Sandro Is Writing New Music! Buy Sandro A Virtual Coffee And Support The Making Of The New Album!


Sandro Norton

Sandro Norton’s album “Flying High” showcases his unique and captivating blend of jazz and experimental acoustic guitar techniques. He ventures into unexplored sonic realms by incorporating diverse elements of world music. Renowned musicians and producers have praised his technical prowess, melodic adventures, and professional approach. Grammy winner Gary Burton describes the music as terrific and testifies to the memorable experience of collaborating with Sandro Norton in Portugal. During their concerts, they performed a mix of compositions by Sandro, his musicians, and Gary himself. The concerts featured a variety of guest musicians and singers, adding to the dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere. The combination of instruments, including violin and harmonica expertly played by Luis Trigo, brought a unique flavor to the performances. Sandro Norton’s main group, comprised of the talented musicians: pianist, João Salcedo; drummer Mário Barreiros and Carlos Barretto, impressed Gary Burton with their skills. The collaboration between Gary Burton and Sandro Norton was seamless and magical, as if they had been playing together for years. The unexpected recording of one of their concerts resulted in the album “Flying High,” becoming Gary Burton’s final recording project before retirement. The album serves as a historic documentation of their delightful collaboration, and Gary is pleased to share it with listeners worldwide.

Sandro Is Writing New Music! Buy Sandro A Virtual Coffee And Support The Making Of The New Album!


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26 May 2023

Private events at Casino de Espinho, Portugal


26 January 2024

The NAAM Show, Stonebridge Guitars, 2.30pm

Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA

27 January 2024

The NAAM Show, Stonebridge Guitars, 2.30pm

Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA

Recent Releases

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What other musicians are saying about me

Pip Williams

Internationally acclaimed Producer, Pip Williams, commented: “A great guitarist across many genres. He has a great attitude in the studio.”

Gary Burton

Like you might expect in the 21st century, I met Sandro Norton online, exploring various musical issues. As we got better acquainted, Sandro wondered if I would be interested in coming to Portugal to play with his jazz musicians. After a year or so of working out details, I was on my way to Lisbon and Porto for a couple of very enjoyable weeks of concerts.

Ian Anderson

“You are one of the best guitarists of the last decades. Your work brings a magical blend of technique and melodic adventures in jazz musicianship.”

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